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The  goal is to build a system, controlled by ICQ messages, to let you read news headlines of different news sites through the ICQ-instant message system.

ABOUT the licq-newsbot project.

I was origenaly inspired when I saw the WebFetch project and was playing around at IRC with an eggdrop newsscript.
This idea has bin long no more then an idea, couse i'm the worst and most dirty programmer you could posebly find in this universe. ;-)

At a sertain moment i registered this project at SourceForge and started working on it. Afterall it seemd easyer then i thought making use of the auto-respond plugin.

I have a bot running with ICQ# 142897191
My status

The special thanks go to:
Annet v'd Meer    Support me mentaly all the time (she is allso my girlfriend, and everyone may know i love her till the end of time).
Arjen Smit            Help me with the website look (i picked about all wrong colors posible).