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The  goal is to build a system, controlled by ICQ messages, to let you read news headlines of different news sites through the ICQ-instant message system.


Monday 14th of January 2002
Released version 0.1
Check changelog. This is what I can call a complete (ah well... with no errors (I hope)) version.
All help was implemented, check out ICQ# 142897191 for a bot running this script.

Sunday 13th of January 2002 (Later)
Reset some colors on the site, it looked quite ugly :) Many thanks go to Arjen Smit for giving me advice.

Sunday 13th of January 2002
Created new website lay out, I hope it looks nice in both a graphical and a text browser (All looks Ok overhere).

Saturday 12th of January 2002
Released Proof of consept after having a successfull day of programming and a fast sourceforge approval.